Unseasonal Weather


As mentioned previously, I'm in South Carolina for Christmas.  Today was day 3 and has been wonderful fun – I went out on a boat, fishing for the first time in my life, with my future brother-in-law Nick.  Great stuff.  But the best part was that it was WINDY and I got to wear TROUSERS!  O how I had missed them: on day 1 and day 2 I'd been wearing shorts, t-shirt and no shoes, outside.

On Thursday we went out for lunch at a fabulously Southern place, and as we sat down the song White Christmas came on the radio.  How am I supposed to deal with that?  The true meaning of Christmas is about darkness being invaded by light, and coldness being thawed – we Brits wrap up in a thousand layers all through November and December, knowing that, at Christmas time, our hearts are going to be warmed.  We can endure hardships, because there are good things ahead.

These poor, poor South Carolinians.  These poor people, with temperatures in the mid-20s all through December, never knowing the value of Christmas – it's hard for them.  In Britain we NEED Christmas, and if it wasn't there, we would despair in the dark dankness all around.  We need sparkly lights and blazing fires and mulled wine - they don't need those things here.  It's tough.

Pity us, cold people.


5 thoughts on “Unseasonal Weather

  1. You don’t know cold and hardships! I woke up this morning and 32 centimeteres of snow had fallen over night. Now the wind is whipping and creating HUGE snow drifts. My place of work was closed until noon as everyones front doors and cars were under snow. I walked to work on the side of the busy street, as the paths were not yet plowed, and waist deep in snow. I then walked through the parking lot at work, up to my knees, and often my waist in snow. There is nothing like a good Canadian winter to keep you cold and in a constant supply of hot tea. I fear I am slightly jealous of your warm South Carolina experience. Have fun, and don’t forget us truly cold ones.

  2. Well David, you don’t know the cold. While Britian has a damp winter chill, Canada simply has fierce unforgiving winter spells. The storms this weekend even warrented the BBC writing an article on our recent weather (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7796044.stm)
    I took some pictures, as the amount of snow we got in one night was simply incredible Now the wind has picked up, creating very chilly condition not to mention HUGE drifts. If you like wearing pants around Christmas you need to come to Canada, where you can wear three paris of pants at once to keep warm 🙂

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