getting hurt by it all

Some of you might know that if Maria & I hadn't decided to relocate together (which is how we ended up in Edinburgh), I was due to move to Gaza City in the summer of 2006 to work with FRRME.  I would probably have only lasted six months, I'm sure, and therefore would never have had to endure what the Gazans have for the last ludicrous year or so.

As you might be doing yourself, I've found that it's much much easier to distance myself from what's going on there now (or at least to engage with the theoretical side of it – the politics etc.) rather than notice the death and wreckage and get hurt by it all.  If you'd like to have a go at getting involved on a heart level, you can try reading - written by a friend of a friend.  I can only handle glimpsing at it for now.


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