My Friend

Phil rizk

This is my friend Phil.  Had I moved to Gaza in 2006 (as was the plan when I left NZ), he would have been my boss.  On Friday he was arrested by Egyptian police after a protest near the Rafah crossing into Gaza Strip.  He's not been charged and has not been able to see a lawyer or his family or anything – this apparently happens fairly regularly in Egypt, when people are critical of the government.

His blog is, if you are interested.

Things will almost certainly be okay in the end, since he is half-German and the German embassy and Amnesty International are on the case, but in the meantime I'd appreciate your prayers for his wellbeing, especially for physical protection and emotional stability.  He's an awesome guy.


UPDATE – Wednesday 11th

Phil was released last night and is home with his family, apparently alright but needing time to deal with the whole thing, as you might guess.

Thank you for playing your part in that.

FURTHER UPDATE – Saturday 14th

Phil has just posted a message on if you're interested.


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