Fast – Really Fast

I don't think I've ever given up anything for Lent (or 'the Great Lent' if you are Orthodox) before.  This is probably because I've never seen the point, or looked at it as another piece of empty religiousity.  So why now?  Erm, well, I…  just think it's… er, well… a good idea.  Amongst other things, of course.:

Eating sugar and unnecessary sweet things
Watching videos online
Owning luxury yachts

These are the things I will be doing without for the next 40 days (although one of them may be a joke).  I am considering following the Catholic practice of never fasting on a Sunday, since the resurrection is a feast that should always remain festive, but I'll get back to you on that.

Anyway, back to 'why?'  I was in a seminar last week and the guy mentioned that, in a world of surplus and subsequent consumerist greed, fasting wrestles back the initiative, helping us to appreciate what we have, rather than perpetually 'needing' more.  I like that.  The things on my list are not BAD or EVIL, and I don't want to eradicate them from my life, but I would like to reassert that they are options and not necessities – I shall not die without biscuits! – and that is why I'm fasting.

And the other reason I'm doing it is because I never have, and I think I should.


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