Uncle MisterDavid

I have an Uncle David (my Mum's brother), and now – I AM ONE!!

Get in!!!

My sister gave birth to a little (well, actually quite big – 8lb 9) scraggle of helpless humanity this afternoon, just in time for Mother's Day :)  I talked to them about half an hour ago, and heard a crackling cry.  Fricking hardcore.

So anyway, huge congratulations to Matt & Sarah and their new little girl:

Ivy-Mei Sullivan



4 thoughts on “Uncle MisterDavid

  1. Ivy is a VERY beautiful little thing – I’ve been able to hang out with her a bit today. She looks like a Rowe from the side and like a Sullivan from the front (to me, anyway), whilst having lovely long, elegant fingers.
    I think she’s going to be such a ludicrously gorgeous girl that you have to keep reminding yourself that she’s got a brain as well, cos stunning girls are sort of not expected to (if you know what I mean).
    Anyway, thrilling stuff. Gold stars to the Mum and Dad.

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