Back in the Hood


How do you like that?!

I grew up on Robin Hood – making bows and arrows at every opportunity, watching the Errol Flynn version more than any other film (and isn't Basil Rathbone just ASTOUNDING in it?!  Nearly as good as Alan Rickman in Prince of Thieves!), loving Maid Marian & Her Merry Men, wanting to be Will Scarlet.  Any guesses as to what is my favourite Disney film?  Well, exactly.

I like this photo because it helped remind me of some of those things.  Plus it's Russell Crowe being directed by Ridley Scott, and I think we all know that a British-based Gladiator would be an absolute PLEASURE, if they get it right.

Will they have Nottinghamshire accents?


2 thoughts on “Back in the Hood

  1. Worksop, surely? Or Mansfield at least.
    Either way, if it’s not a Nottinghamshire accent, it’s definitely not Bristolian or Dickensian Cockney, a la Prince of Thieves.

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