True Answers from Family Fortunes

If you have ever been lost, held in a morasse of doubt as to the veracity of your cranial capacity, or wondering whether you ever really learned anything at school, read these and remember what a great country we live in.  I find it helps if I imagine them being said with brummy accents, for some reason …

Q. Name something you take to the beach
A. Turkey sandwiches

Q. Name something a blind person might use
A. A sword

Q. Name a dangerous race
A. The Arabs*

Q. Name something that floats in the bath
A. Water

Q. Name a number you have to memorise
A. 7

Q. Name something in the garden that's green
A. Shed

Q. Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine
A. A bicycle with wings

Q. Name an animal you might see at the zoo
A. A dog

Q. Name something associated with the police
A. Pigs

Q. Name a food that can be brown or white
A. Potato

Q. Name a jacket potato topping
A. Jam

Q. Name something with a hole in it
A. Window

ps.  Why did we all watch it?

*that one's especially for Maria


4 thoughts on “True Answers from Family Fortunes

  1. If time began with the creation of the universe and God was there before, God is not eternal. He is older than that, and that’s not all. Not yet anyway.

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