mah baby jus’ done gone up an left

This morning, Maria officially moved on from Edinburgh; heading back to South Carolina for a summer with her parents.  Now begins an interesting phase, since I won't be seeing her until October, when she will be asked to say "I do" to a number of significant questions 🙂

I think it's fitting that we'll both be living with our families for the few months leading up to the wedding – it seems right and good, but not easy.  I'll be having a go at using the time well, doing different things, blah-de-blah-de-blah.  But the truth is that I have a huge hole in my life.

Not sure what else to add.  Tonight I made salsa!  Tomorrow I'm going to walk from Balerno to Penicuik!  I have a job for the summer!

All slightly hollow, isn't it?  Yes – there is a hole.


3 thoughts on “mah baby jus’ done gone up an left

  1. I think, my boy, that this will be your one perfect time to write country-western songs. Just try not to lose the dog, the horse, your freedom from incarceration and your sobriety while you’re at it.
    (And yes, how kind of you to ask; a percentage of your royalties WILL be gratefully received in return for my advice.)

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