The Peasants are Fricking Annoyed

The Englishman is a patient creature,

but at present his temper is a little inflamed,
and it would be as well not to try him to far.
[Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, His Last Bow]

Right.  So, I don't know if you're into politics like me, but some things are just worth noticing.  As a nation, we are long-suffering and slow to reach boiling point, but once there (as my flatmate Anna just observed), we manage to retain a rolling boil for quite a long while, spitting with vitriol and pent-up rage.

So when Ed Balls (not my favourite minister; probably not anyone's favourite minister) wrote an article for the Guardian today, the comments section immediately turned an astounding shade of violent purple.  As a reflection of 'the national mood', it's a terrifyingly enthralling snapshot.

I really recommend you read it for a few minutes – the comments that is, not the article – here.  This is in the Guardian, remember; Mr Balls might have expected to be on home turf.  Here are some of the shorter ones:

Ladies and Gentlemen, herein lies the unsupported word of the extremely wealthy, taxpayer-salaried, and soon-to-be taxpayer pensioned Edward Balls.


I don't trust or like the tories, but I'll vote for them just to get rid of your shambolic joyless cabal of hypocritical authoritarian sleazy puritans. I actually HATE the labour party with a passion now – and I used to vote for you.

We have no reason to believe anything you say, or any of your promises.

Give it up, Balls, really. Nothing on this planet could save you from obliteration.

Not getting much support for your views are you Mr. Balls – cant think why!

None here either!

I am curious as to why discredited ministers are lining up on CIF, to be told how useless, incompetent and distrusted they are.

Mr Balls – read these posts – they sum up when the nation thinks of you.

In the name of God go.


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