TESOL Truths

Since I've been down in Devon, my main occupation has been to teach English to foreigners (from 9 till 12 daily).  It's a nice kind of job, with afternoons free for recovering.

Anyway, so this morning I had chosen to do a thoughtful little lesson on poignant poetry: Stop All The Clocks [WH Auden] and Danny Boy.  Having dealt with the huge emptiness and desolation of the first one (also known as Funeral Blues) I asked what sort of contrast the class could see or feel in the song.  One of the German boys – not a particularly confident guy in general, about 15 - put up his hand and said:

Death is not the enemy.

That was it.  Fantastic stuff really.  When I asked him to explain, he talked about the writer of Danny Boy obviously believing in God (a good observation), and how that changes the attitude to dying.  I was so impressed – well done him.


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