a lot of men kicking a bit of leather round a field

Tomorrow, I will have the privilege of buzzing off to Jannerland to go and watch Plymouth Argyle play Sheffield Wednesday – my Dad's hometown club versus mine.  Apart from the sheer aesthetic beauty of saying the two teams' names out loud, this is a significant event because I will be adding a new ground to my list.

There are 92 football league grounds in England, and in my lifetime I hope to visit them all (it's called doing the 92).  I will, no doubt, be aided in this venture by my decision to marry someone for whom football is not so much an interest as it is a love language.  Here are the ones I've got to so far:

Premier League
      - Tottenham Hotspur: White Hart Lane (1991)
      - Manchester United: Old Trafford (1993)

      - Sheffield Wednesday: Hillsborough (1993)
      - Watford: Vicarage Road (1990-99)
      - Crystal Palace: Selhurst Park (1991-94)

League 1
      – Exeter City: St James Park (1992, 2008)
      – Millwall: New Den (1994)

League 2
      – Barnet: Underhill (1992)
      – Shrewsbury Town: Gay Meadow (1993)

[plus I've also been to Hibernian, Luton, St Albans, Taunton, and Wembley, but they don't count]

Yes, I'm aware that I am still less than 10% through, but hopefully next season Luton will be back in the League, plus I'll have been married for nearly a year, which is bound to help.  If I do ever get to the 92nd, you're all invited …


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