there, they drive on the WRONG side of the road

I'm in a country where, at roundabouts, you give way to the left.  Fools!

World Map of Driving Orientations

Dark Red: drive on the wrong side
Light Red: infidels, who left the true path
Purple: infidels, who once were confused, but now are lost
Dark Blue: the chosen people
Light blue: adopted into the chosen people

Now maybe I'm just a soppy old post-colonialist, but I do feel a special affection for 'our team' (especially since Samoa took the brave decision a few months back to join the Blue Army).  It's only Napoleon's fault that anyone outside France drives on the wrong side at all – silly man.

And on the subject of Napoleon, he also famously came acropper trying to hold that European-Asian border, and, as any Risk player knows, that's just asking for trouble: it's Australasia that wins you world dominance – put all your armies on Papua New Guinea …


One thought on “there, they drive on the WRONG side of the road

  1. … and watch it sink.
    Poor Napoleon– no therapists in his day to cure him of his alleged ‘issues’ with cats, and ‘Risk’ not invented yet!

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