fed, up to the back teeth

I have had a week of being very impressed with our friends.

At one and a half days' notice, Maria and I headed out to California last Tuesday – it cost us $10 each, the legacy of Star Alliance membership on the behalf of my wife.  Sometimes trans-Atlantic living has nice side-effects.

We stayed within sight of the HOLLYWOOD sign (with Dyball), within sight of a woman walking her pet pig (with cousin Janet's family in Oceanside), and within sight of the Pacific Ocean in the most expensive suburb of America (with Ariel & Chris in La Jolla).

We got into San Diego Zoo for free, renewed treasured old friendships, and got given presents by people we'd never met before.

We met an author and a rock star and a tiger, watched hummingbirds at breakfast-time, never had to so much as take a taxi for all the offers of lifts, and were fed an absolutely ridiculous amount of fantastic food.

In/after all this, the temptation for me is to go, 'Thank you God for looking after us!', and I think that is fine.  But I am of the opinion that the more prescient prayer is something more like, 'Thank you God for making humans like these and bumping us into them.'

Even though they are our friends/family, they didn't have to act like that; they didn't have to drop everything they were doing so as to take us out for milkshakes on the pier.  They chose to (and not grudgingly, either), and that is what impresses me.

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