Three Songs

Now, I don't have time to tell you about who John Clare is and just why it's so important that he's recognised as one of the great English poets.  That's my Dad's job.  All I wanted to say is that since this summer, I have been writing tunes to carry his words.  Have a listen, and see what you think.

Download 03 Remember, Dear Mary

Download 04 Nutting

Download 09 Three Springs

There's a possibility that I may get to record some of these properly in the next year or so – I have about a dozen of decent quality.  I apologise to anyone who may be instinctively opposed to the singing of folk music.

4 thoughts on “Three Songs

  1. Just a thought: “it is evidently a prerequisite of being a folk singer to sing out of tone, key, rhythm and time”.
    Beware of Sidmouth…

  2. Tom Lehrer: ‘the reason most folk songs are so atrocious is that they were written by the people’
    But we are not ‘the people’.

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