Home ish

After an almighty kerfuffle (I'm not sure I've every written that word before, so it may be wrong) and quite a degree of consternation/anxiety/all the rest, Maria & I made it back to Britain last Friday.  Her visa arrived (or, more accurately, I went and collected it from the UPS van) 2 hours before we left for the airport – cutting it a bit fine for my tastes.  But we are here.

And of course, still without a home.  Plenty of temporary ones, or places to visit, present themselves, but it's a bit wearying really; we could do with a bit of space we can call our own.  All prayers, as ever, much appreciated.

But it is good to be here once more.  Just need to avoid sneezles and wheezles now.


One thought on “Home ish

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re there; I was waiting and hoping to hear that. Happy Christmas in DEVON, and lots of love to you both and the family!

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