Comparison of Premiership Rugby Attendances: 1999-2000 and today

Ten years ago, me and my Dad were Saracens regulars for our third and final season (I went off to university, and he moved to Devon).  We got into it because the prices were low to the point of being ridiculous (a £60 season ticket for me, I believe), but stayed because they're a great club, played great rugby, and had absolute legends playing (Michael Lynagh, Francois Pienaar, Philippe Sella, Richard Hill etc.).

Sarries have always been a mid-table team since I've supported them: an enjoyable, but frustrating kind of outfit.  This season they have suddenly become good – especially in the last two months – and are now just one game away from making the Premiership playoff final for the first time (which really would be something).

Now have a look at these two graphs showing the numbers of people watching Premiership matches, this season and ten years ago.  Every single club has seen attendances improve, some of them drastically, and the combined total per season has risen from 751,900 to 1,796,900 – nearly 140% growth!  Really good news, especially since it's being replicated lower down the leagues as well – we're looking forward to becoming Pirates supporters now we're moving to Cornwall 🙂

Attendances 1999-2000
Attendances 2009-2010


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