Urban Living

I'm in London.
Sarf London to be precise: Earlsfield.  It's where all the white South Africans now live.

Maria and I have been house-sitting for Mark & Katie Sampson for a week, killing a bit of time before we move to Truro (on Saturday!), and seeing our urban friends.  She is more happy in a big city than me – it makes my head swim the way the city just goes on and on and on – but it's been a nice week.  Maybe being summer helps.

Things we've done:
Borough Market:
 - always fantastic, especially when you're hungry and in need of a few free samples.

Hannah & Daniel:
 - we see them every chance we get, with good reason.  Baked camembert was a bonus.

Free Tickets:
 - the lovely Joshua Jost managed to wangle us seats to see Hair at the Gielgud 🙂

Dee & Hye-Young:
 - so much encouragement squeezed into two people.  And Jaimie is GORGEOUS.

 - England through, USA through; France and Italy out!!

Maria buzzed off to Edinburgh yesterday, leaving me to sweat it out in solitude for a couple of days.  This afternoon I went for a big long walk (about 7 miles – 2 and a half hours) over Wandsworth Bridge, along to Putney Bridge and then back to Earlsfield.  I celebrated with a cracking all-day breakfast for £3.80 – enough for two meals.  You don't get many greasy spoon cafes as good as that one.


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