How Great Thou Art

While there are bundles of great hymn-lyrics lumbered with rotten old tunes, that is not the case with Stuart K Hine's translation of How Great Thou Art. 

So why the new tune?  Well, this was the song that kicked off this project (and if we don't count the, possibly copied, Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun crossover, my very first attempt).  I wasn't thinking, "How Great Thou Art could really do with something to make it more singable," – it just happened.

But, once it had happened, I noticed that there are some subtly different shades of meaning which this tune manages to bring out.

Londonderry air
Londonderry Air
, linked for ever with 'Danny Boy' (although it predates those lyrics), reminds us subconsciously of the love, loss, and death which fill that song.

Hence, provides an opportunity to praise God in spite of heartache; to look above troubles into eternity.  The hymn's traditional Swedish tune, with its triumphant, rip-roaring dynamics, cannot do the same. 


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