Jesus Isn’t Just For Christmas

by John Hegley – click to listen

Down in the Bible
Some of it's tribal
A tooth for a tooth
An eyeball for an eyeball

Some of it's truth
Some of it's Gospel
A man with a mission
A mission impossible

A man with a tan
A man who liked a parable
'Cast your seed onto land that is arable
– a stony field and the yield will be tarrible'

Born in a manger
Born into danger
Don't take gifts from any old stranger
Especially if it's gold
Especially if they say
"You've been specially selected!"

And they found your address by following a star
With a couple of mates
Who've got gifts as well
Unusual gifts
Just tell em "Thanks, but no ta."

He had a staff to help him with his walking
He had his staff to help him do the talking
He had his path – it never had a fork in
He made a lot of sandwiches and none of them had pork in.

If you had a party
He knew how to cater
He could feed a party
With the one potato

"Don't go thanking me mate – credit the creator"
"The wine's all gone son."
"Don't you worry mater,
Let me have that water for a moment would you waiter?"

Treated like a criminal
Flattened in a hymnal
What the men don't do
Maybe the women'll
A proper dad
He never really had one
It's not on file if the child was a glad one
No trial for whatever-it-was the lad done

If that's a Good Friday
I wouldn't want a bad one.



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