Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

Occasionally, a tune is just so ‘right’ for a particular hymn that a degree of editing is required to get the lyrics to fit.  The moment I sang ‘Glory, Glory Hallelujah’ to the chorus of Can You Feel The Love Tonight, I knew that nothing was going to stand in my way.

Which means that this version has a LOT of words chopped out.  Some of them were by-the-by anyway, and not really central to the cause, but others – ‘He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave’ for example – are a sad loss.

So what do we gain from this combination?  Battle Hymn Of The Republic is usually sung to such a militaristic tune that the effect can be quite masculine and hard, when in reality the lyrics are very poetic and full of awe.  The more gentle majesty of this new tune helps bring that out.


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