a contest I have no chance of winning

Maria & I are presently having our existence complimented by the presence of her brother, Nick Shahid (international tramp extraordinaire).  And seeing as we all had a free day today, a competition was in the offing.


Each player gets £10 and, starting at Newquay Car Boot Sale, must turn it into as much money as possible as quickly as possible.  Whoever gets most wins.

[At this point, you may wish to reflect on the fact that Maria & Nick are Lebanese, and therefore genetically incapable of not turning every circumstance into a business opportunity.  My chances of victory are slim.]


Me: 1989 Gameboy with SuperMarioLand
Price: £3 [bartered down from £5]

Nick: Lions rugby shirt (2009 Tour), brand new
Price: £7 [down from £10]

Maria: 3 volume edition of Lord of the Rings, paperback, new and wrapped
Price: £4 [down from £10]

So, who do you think will win?  I know who my money is not on …


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