Which jobs actually make you HAPPY?

CareerBliss.com conducted 200,000 employee questionaires in nine areas that affect job satisfaction: relationship with boss/co-workers; work environment; job resources; compensation/salary; growth opportunities; company culture; company reputation; daily tasks; and degree of control over work.

The result?  Look away now, you office-bound wage-slaving Dilberts …


1. Director of Information Technology
2. Director of Sales and Marketing
3. Product Manager
4. Senior Web Developer
5. Technical Specialist
6. Electronics Technician
7. Law Clerk
8. Technical Support Analyst
9. CNC Machinist [factory operative]
10. Marketing Manager


1. Clergy
2. Firefighters
3. Physical therapists
4. Authors
5. Special Education Teachers
6. Teachers
7. Artists
8. Psychologists
9. Financial services sales agents
10. Operating engineers

And, if you include amateur focuses, I am 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 on the happy list!  Yay clergy!  Yay creative, people-centred living!

Hooker is my Homeboy

I've been given 'Being Anglican' to read, and never has a book with such an unpromising title been such a pleasure.  It's basically a survey of the thoughts of people who have made significant contributions to Anglican tradition: William Laud, Josephine Butler, George Herbert etc.  Great stuff.

But Richard Hooker is my favourite (and not just because I've walked past his statue at Exeter Cathedral hundreds of times).  His doctrine of participation; the interplay of scripture, reason and tradition; the steering clear of all claims to infallibility; the concept of tradition as a developing story – it all makes me relax and feel released and encouraged.  Well done him.

Richard Hooker