26 things I love about Maria

 My favourite view
1. The Eyes – they were the first thing that grabbed me, and still do.
2. Brain – from theology of glory to football stats.
3. The Goofy Dancing – not that she can't dance properly, but the goofy stuff kills me.
4. Massage Skills – she knows what my neck and shoulders need!
5. Perfectionism – aka 'inability to put up with crap'.

Buster & Baby
6. Love of Animals – from calves to bunnies to crustacea in rock pools, but especially Buster.
7. The Family #1 – Gary, Stephanie, Paul & Nick.
8. Being Silly Together – dancing in the car, dancing in the kitchen, dancing at a ceilidh …
9. Americanity – giving me a chance to experience, know, and love the US.
10. Entrepreneurialism – she don't want no job working for the Man …

Screen shot 2011-09-24 at 09.03.05
11. Tastes and Preferences – see above [Berba + Glee + Single Ladies + Twilight = ?]
12. Musicalness – playing and singing together, in our lounge especially.
13. Grace – have you seen Maria dance/lead an exercise class/do some stretches?
14. Beer – for her, it's strong ale, porter, or nothing.  What a find!
15. Football – verging on idolatry?  Ha.

16. Being Lebanese – best flag in the world? possibly. Most loving people? I should think so.
17. Making up for my weaknesses – the list is long and the gratefulness immense.
18. The Hair – is BEAUTIFUL.  Short, long, straight, curly: all of them.
19. Voice – I got to know Maria via phone/Skype; I fell for her voice completely …
20. Making Stuff – pottery, silversmithing, knitting, woodwork and many more to follow.

21. The Family #2 – all around the flipping world, from Sitty to Mary Kassis via Najib and Tony.
22. Sun Worship – well, someone had to introduce me to vitamin D, didn't they?
23. Style – Maria makes clothes look good.
24. Cooking – SILKZ.
25. Quality Time – how do we spend so much time together and not get bored or annoyed?
26. Dimitar Berbatov – it's kind of an extra-marital affair we are both involved in 🙂




2 thoughts on “26 things I love about Maria

  1. Oh well done Dave! Some the things you love about her, we love about her as well and many that are uniquely between the two of you! Glad you love her so much and so well!!

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