Agnostics: Wimpy or Wise?

On Monday, God provided.

I had phoned up about seeing Ed Byne at lunchtime and was told that there were no pairs of seats available, but that I could pop in before the show and check for returns.  I did, and Maria & I got pretty much the best seats in the house.  Amen.  And happy birthday darling 🙂

Ed Byrne is one of the multitude of cradle-Catholics on the comedy circuit (Billy Connelly, Johnny Vegas, Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, Dara O'Briain, and many, many more) and isn't backward in coming forward on The God Issue.

But on Monday, the only real point he made on the matter was this [paraphrase]:

'I don't mind if you're a Christian or whatever; the ones I can't stand are the AGNOSTICS.  I mean, come on: if you've got to the age of forty and still aren't sure if you believe in God or not, sort it out!  Sit down and have a think!  Come to a fricking CONCLUSION!'

ie. Agnostics are fence-sitting, bet-hedging wimps.

Are they?

Or is the only true wisdom found in knowing that you know nothing?



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