Leaf By Niggle

I'm presently writing a book about the Proverbs of Middle-earth, and I'm wondering about cover images and so on.  Here are two pictures that would (in a perfect world) be ideal: the first by Alan Lee, the second by Tolkien himself.

Alan Lee - Leaf By Niggle
Tolkien Tumble Hill

The reason I'm think of trees is that the book works on the premise that Tolkien created his world in the same way that Niggle painted his Tree – focusing on the details.  Just as Niggle would agonise over individual leaves, Tolkien built his world on the intricacies of invented languages, nomenclature and – yes – proverbs.

Before and After

Today, February 1, is the first anniversary of 'Our Paleo Month', wherein Maria and I had a go at eating a paleolithic (ie. hunter-gatherer style) diet.  After the month was finished, we continued in that vein – not strictly (at all), but nevertheless, it was quite a big change.

These photos are of me on Feb 1 last year and this year.

Before 1  
After 1

I was 12st 10 (178lbs) then, and am 10st 13 (153lbs) now.

Before 2   After 2

The important thing to point out is that I wasn't doing this in order to lose weight, but to be healthy.  The fact that I have lost over 10% of my weight (without being even vaguely strict or doing any extra exercise) shows me that I wasn't really putting the right things into myself before.

If you want to know how my diet has changed, here are the main points:

– next to no bread, pasta, or wheat-based stuff (beer doesn't count)
– lots of eggs, meat, and other proteins
– lots of fruit and veg (seasonal wherever possible)
– animal fats, not vegetable fats (except olive oil and coconut oil)
– no desserts during the week

And that's about it really.  Any questions?