Before and After

Today, February 1, is the first anniversary of 'Our Paleo Month', wherein Maria and I had a go at eating a paleolithic (ie. hunter-gatherer style) diet.  After the month was finished, we continued in that vein – not strictly (at all), but nevertheless, it was quite a big change.

These photos are of me on Feb 1 last year and this year.

Before 1  
After 1

I was 12st 10 (178lbs) then, and am 10st 13 (153lbs) now.

Before 2   After 2

The important thing to point out is that I wasn't doing this in order to lose weight, but to be healthy.  The fact that I have lost over 10% of my weight (without being even vaguely strict or doing any extra exercise) shows me that I wasn't really putting the right things into myself before.

If you want to know how my diet has changed, here are the main points:

– next to no bread, pasta, or wheat-based stuff (beer doesn't count)
– lots of eggs, meat, and other proteins
– lots of fruit and veg (seasonal wherever possible)
– animal fats, not vegetable fats (except olive oil and coconut oil)
– no desserts during the week

And that's about it really.  Any questions?


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. DR – impressive stuff. Returning to your former glory! Did rice feature much in your diet? I’m tempted, but life kinda revolves around rice in the Bowers home.

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