Things I’ve been reading this week

The last week has been pretty terrible. I’ll write about it soon. In the mean time, here are some things I’ve been chewing on lately:

Expectation Hangovers and Twentysomething Nones (Mockingbird) – Brilliant (if slightly rambling) look at several articles/books on the topic of twenty-somethings, from the pressures we face to our (lack of) faith.

Law and Grace in the Competition of Marriage (and Personal Identity) – Another great piece from Mockingbird. One of the best pieces on marriage I’ve ever read (and could easily apply to other relationships).

Grace demolishes the idea of need-fulfillment [the give-and-take dynamic of relationships – the “I gave you this, now you owe me that”]. Need-fulfillment is a law that has no possible satisfaction. Human need is limitless on its own terms. It is a bottomless well, a pail with a hole in the bottom. Grace nullifies this. The need for personal fulfillment is not met in Christianity. It is destroyed.

The Obesity Era – Calories-in/calories-out, “you’re fat because you have no self-discipline” is so last century. Excellent piece on the complexities of obesity, which people are finally recognizing is more quantum than Newtonian. I’ll probably write about this on its own since I’ve been meaning to write something about food and diet.

Juan Mata’s Instagram – Footballer and artist.


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