Hedge Rowe

I must have eaten 60+ blackberries this morning.  Is this normal for the 2nd week of November?  Nature's generosity seems to know no bounds for me.

Today (Monday) is my day off, so I went for a walk.  Or to be more accurate, a wander: I knew where I was aiming for (home) but allowed myself to discover the route as I went.  The idea is to become an explorer and a frontiersman, within miles from my door.  This was today's amble:

The secret is to let your life be planned enough that you actually get home, but unplanned enough to allow yourself to be surprised and delighted at the things you discover.  For example, today I saw a herd of cows (with their bull) being herded by Range Rover.  Fricking brilliant.  If I had got their 20 seconds earlier, I'd have got it on video.

There is lots of lovely stuff out there if you expect to find it 🙂

Twirly oak